We provide Professional copy

It’s your business, your website, and of course you know what you’re talking about…

…but do you know how to say it?

So far, so good… your web build is going well, boxes are being ticked, progress is looking positive…

but we need to talk about copy

If you want to succeed in today’s digital world, and generate high quality leads and sales, copy is an essential tool in your virtual sales kit.


So why not write it yourself?

You are the client and, without doubt, an expert when it comes to your products, services and market knowledge; you can write, and budgets are tight.

All very valid points to support the DIY option, but have you got the perspective to voice your business brand in a way that’s consistent, appealing and persuasive enough to engage potential new customers, a market base which shares none of your specialist insight?

An equally important consideration is the best use of your time.

Running a business is tough, every day brings different challenges and your skill set is a valuable asset.

Writing website copy requires not only a substantial amount of time, but also considerable expertise and experience. Can you warrant taking time that could be productively used in other business areas? If so, would the result be strong, effective sales copy that justifies the investment of your time?

So why use a professional copywriter?

It is hard to write, it takes time and it takes skill; by using a professional copywriter you will be able to focus on the key aspects of your business, and reap the benefits of leads and sales generated by an expertly written website.

A good copywriter thoroughly researches your business, puts themselves in the shoes of your target audience, and chooses the words and messages that will cut through, connect and resonate – the result is a sound and wise sales and marketing investment.


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In conclusion

To realise the full potential of your website, and maximise your marketing strategy, Get Me Branded strongly recommends the use of a professional copywriting service.

We have an excellent business relationship with a freelance writer who is a member of The alliance of commercial writers.

Her writing experience spans over three decades, encompassing a plethora of subjects across a myriad of global locations, and Get Me Branded clients receive exclusive priority service and preferential rates to match their project brief and budget.
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