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Leaflet Design

leaflet design and flyer printing in Harrogate

When trying to introduce your business to potential clients, leaflets are a great way to get you noticed. They spread the word about your services, products and events in your area. Along with social media, leaflets are a great way to get your brand noticed.

how do i get my leaflet or flyer designed?

Get Me Branded have been producing artwork for over 20 years. We can create high quality designs that get across the exact message you want to portray. All you need to do is supply us with a brief about your requirements and any images you wish to use. Our creative geniuses will then present you with a visual of what your leaflet or flyer will look like.

what options are available?

Choosing a paper stock
GLOSSY – Shiny and reflective finish which is perfect for vibrant colours and photos.
SILK – This has less glare and gives a more refined finish.
MATT LAMINATED – These have a luxurious laminate applied. Great for restaurant menus.

Choosing a paper weight
BUDGET – 110gsm / 130gsm (the cheapest way to print, but very flimsy).
STANDARD – 170gsm / 200gsm  (good for bigger print runs).
PREMIUM – 250gsm / 350gsm (looks great in a silk finish).
PREMIUM PLUS – 400gsm + (business card thickness).

why use a leaflet or flyer?

In our modern digital age the benefits of using a printed product is that customers still like something tangible. There is that air of quality about holding something well designed and quality printed.

they are an affordable marketing tool

Compared to digital campaigns, newspapers and magazines, billboards and brochures, the cost is low. Leaflets and flyers are very cost effective if you are running a promotional campaign to increase brand awareness.

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