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January 9, 2018

Why you need stationery design, how to get it and how to make it effective.

No matter how advanced or digital a business is, no one can deny the importance of stationery. There is something very stoic and perceptive in the human mind about paper and ink. Doing things in black and white has always been how things have been operated in annuls of history and even in the modern days of emails and networking, a business requires its own stationery to make its mark on the industry.

Stationery includes everything relating to paper in your business. Whether they are business cars, pens, notepads, correspondence letters or official documents, you can make all your stationery unique by branding and designing it with your company’s logo and a special design of its own.


Stationery Design is Your Identity

Whenever you require print, you just head down to your nearest printers, choose from a selected range of templates, colours and fonts and have them printed. The result is that your brand and cards look exactly the same as 20 other businesses with no relevance whatsoever to your business or your work.

A piece of stationery, whether it is a pen, or a business card or an official paper should be reflective of your business. It is your identity in all the places where you send it. It is a reminder to your clients and fellow businessmen every time they pick up the pen or the card or the company. Do you want all those times to be dull and forgetful because of some gaudy floral or unimpressive design and colour?

You can have your stationery designed with a variety of colour, design templates and font which will be unique to your company and make your stationery impressive and effective to your company’s reputation among clients and competitors. In the words of great Chef Pierre-White, presentation is half of perception. If you present your stationery with a great design, you make an impact on the other person with just the design.


Here are the five points that you must focus on while considering your design;

  1. Invest in Paper

Remember that your stationery is your impression and you don’t want to make a cheap impression, right? Invest in the paper that you are using in your stationery. Spend a few extra pounds to buy good quality paper and card for printing your stationery design on. Good quality paper indicates a good standard of the sender.

  1. White Space

There is a concept of negative space in presentation. The term is not as negative as many might think, it actually means the space that has not been used. We usually call it the blank space or the white space. You might be tempted to fill your entire card with a colour but white space looks very modern and chic. Make sure that you choose a design which has a white space. White space also allows the fonts to stand out and get attention.

  1. Colour Selection

While white space is an essential, so is the colour selection. The colour that you chose in your stationery design is very important. The colour is very important for getting attention and it should be reflective of your brand design. So you should keep complimentary colours in mind while selecting your stationery design. It should correspond well with your brand logo colour.

  1. Font Size

The font size that is used in your stationery design should be readable and most importantly visible. Choose a font size and style that compliments your colour tone of the stationery but does not get subdued or dominated. Your font size is giving the other person information about your business and company. There is nothing to be comprised on the matter of the fonts.

  1. Contact Information

It might seem tempting to add a great tagline or make your logo bigger in the design but remember that the most important thing that you are providing through your stationery is your contact information. Include as much contact information as you could on your stationery. Your stationery is your invitation card for people to contact you and see you. Make it effective by providing precise and accurate contact information.


With these essentials in mind, also remember that your design should be of great quality and you should contact a company that is an expert at branding so that your stationery design is executed to perfection.



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